The services available at Upright Sounds.

Upright Sounds is a Freelance Audio Engineering Company, providing technical knownledge and practical competence for various audio/music venues such as Television Programmes, Live Concerts, Studio Recordings, Film Sound and Music Production.

Sound for TV, Video, Film and Post Production:

– Outside & Studio Broadcast Audio Engineering for talkshows, music, entertainment and sports
– Boom operation and on-location (ENG/reality) Audio Engineering for TV, documentaries and film
– Post-Production and mixing for TV and video
– Audio Engineering and camera operation for Web-TV broadcasts

Live Audio Engineering:

– Front Of House Mixing (concerts, live events etc.)
– Full set Engineering (FOH, monitor & stage tech)
– Managing festivals with multiple stages and bands
– Possibility to rent PA systems (small to huge) through good contacts

Studio & Live Recording and Music Production:

– Recording, editing and mixing
– Musical post production
– Audio mastering for CD/MP3 production
– Managing and planning studio and artist/band contacts

The services are provided by Stefan Heino (Audio Engineer and Producer), trained and educated at the well known “School of Audio Engineering, Technology College (SAE), which is highly acknownledged by the audio/music industry. Stefan has several years of experience working as Audio Engineer with TV, Live Sound, Recording Studios and Post-Production (for credits, see “Portfolio“). Stefan also has a 10-year long background from Sweden’s top music schools “Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser” and “Kungsholmens Gymnasium/Stockholms Musikgymnasium“. This extensive background has equipped Stefan with an unique blend of high technical awareness and musicality.

Photos from some of the events that Upright Sounds has provided it’s services for in the past.