• Alla mot alla med Filip & Fredrik 2019-2024 (Nexiko/Kanal 5)
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (NEP/Discovery)
  • Superstars 2017-2020, 2023 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • Premier League 2010, 2012-2024 (NENT/Viaplay)
  • Drottning Silvia 75 år (Candamo Film/SVT)
  • National Hockey League 2013-2024 (NENT/Viaplay)
  • Fråga Lund 2019, 2021-2024 (Nexiko/SVT)
  • FIA Formula One World Championship 2012-2023 (NENT/Viaplay)
  • Det Sitter i Väggarna (Titan Television/SVT)
  • National Football League 2012-2021 (NENT/Viaplay)
  • Allsång med Little Jinder (Motions/YouTube 2019)
  • Swim Open Stockholm 2016, 2018-2019 (Motions/Eurosport)
  • Superstars 2017-2020, 2023 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • UEFA Champions League 2012-2020 (NENT/Viaplay)
  • Farmen VIP 2019 (Strix Television/TV4)
  • Roland Garros French Open 2016 (Motions/Eurosport)
  • GAMERZ™ Season 1 & 2 (GamingZone Entertainment/Twitch & YouTube)
  • Superstars 2017-2020, 2023 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • Heroes and Superstars (GamingZone Entertainment/Viaplay & Twitch)
  • Musikkollot 2017 (SVT Minoritet/SVT)
  • Superstars 2017-2020, 2023 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • Paradise Hotel 2015 (Mastiff/TV3)
  • Robinson - Love Edition 2014 (Mastiff/Sjuan)
  • Champions Hockey League 2015-2016 (Motions/Eurosport)
  • Paradise Hotel 2015 (Mastiff/TV3)


The services available at Upright Sounds.

Upright Sounds is an Audio Engineering and Music Production Company, providing technical knownledge and practical competence for various audio/music venues such as Television Programmes, Live Concerts, Studio Recordings, Film Sound, Music Production and DJ events.

Sound for TV, Video, Film and Post Production:

– Outside & Studio Broadcast Audio Engineering for talkshows, music, entertainment and sports
– Boom operation and on-location (ENG/reality) Audio Engineering for TV, documentaries and film
– Post-Production and mixing for TV and video
– Audio Engineering and camera operation for Web-TV broadcasts

Live Audio Engineering:

– Front Of House Mixing (concerts, live events etc.)
– Full set Engineering (FOH, monitor & stage tech)
– Managing festivals with multiple stages and bands
– Possibility to rent PA systems (small to huge) through good contacts

Studio & Live Recording and Music Production:

– Recording, editing and mixing audio/music
– Composing & arranging original music for video & online content
– Audio/music mastering for CD/MP3/online distribution
– Managing and planning studio and artist/band contacts

DJ Services:

– DJ for hire for events/venues such as cocktail bars, hotel/restaurant lounges, corporate or private parties and weddings.
– Service provided by Kari Heino, who is an open-format DJ with many years of experience and a very wide music taste and musical background, ranging from 1950s – 2020s music, with a personal preference leaning towards soul, funk, disco, classic funky vocal house and 80s-00s pop/hit music.
– The DJ gear available is a Pioneer DDJ-1000 paired with Rekordbox, or any Pioneer controller available on location (all the way up to CDJ-3000).

The services are provided by Kari Heino (Audio Engineer, Music Producer & DJ), trained and educated at the well known “School of Audio Engineering, Technology College” (SAE), which is highly acknownledged by the audio/music industry. Kari has 20 years of experience working as Audio Engineer with TV, Live Sound, Recording Studios and Post-Production (for credits, see “Portfolio“).

Kari also has a 10-year long background from Sweden’s top music schools “Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser” and “Kungsholmens Gymnasium/Stockholms Musikgymnasium“. This extensive background has equipped Kari with an unique blend of high technical awareness and musicality.