Vineyard Norden Summercamp 2007

Upright Sounds has taken on a new assignment in live sound. This time it’s pretty big, Vineyard Norden‘s annual summercamp. People from all the Nordic/Scandinavian congregations are gathering there. This year it will be held in Rimforsa, Sweden, about 2 hours south of Stockholm 22-28’th of july.

Vineyard Norden Summercamp 2007Stefan Heino will be head Audio Engineer, mixing all the sound and light, stage/monitor tech and contact person for the bands playing. This will include one big stage, complete with PA and lights, for about a ten-man-band and seats for 1000 people inside a big circustent. Two additional smaller stages will be there also and a nightcafé with PA, open mic anyone-can-perform kind of style.

All the equipment is provided by (in Stefan’s opinion) Sweden’s best Live Sound company APM Pro Audio.

Good, early planning starting now and a lot of phonecalls will make this summercamp a very nice memory, just as the last two years 2005 and 2006.

Summer is just around the corner!

– Check out the photos from this event in Media.