National Hockey League (Viasat)

NHLUpright Sounds has been hired to Audio Engineer the Nordic studio feeds of the American National Hockey League (NHL) for Viasat Sport! The broadcasts include 3 Swedish hosts in the studio with Swedish and American commentary. Fun times ahead for Stefan, who is a former collector of NHL hockey cards!

Hockeymatchen (TV4)

HockeymatchenUpright Sounds was on location at the Stockholm Globe Arena broadcasting the final episode of “Hockeymatchen” (The Ice Hockey Game) in which a handpicked team of Swedish celebrities were playing against the 1994 Swedish Olympic ice hockey team. The celebrities had been trained to play ice hockey during the previous episodes, most of them having none or very little experience, with the goal of playing a professional level game in the famous Ericsson Globe.

ELLE-galan 2013 (Web-TV)

Elle Galan 2013
Upright Sounds was on location at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, broadcasting live from the red carpet and recording the annual fashion awards show “ELLE-galan”, which is like the Oscars but for the fashion industry. A magical event filled with celebrities, supermodels and glamour with an incredible after-party like the ones you only see in movies.

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Racketlon WC 2012 (TV4 Sport)

Racketlon WC 2012

Today was a big day for Upright Sounds and sports history. The 2012 Racketlon World Championships took place in Enskede Rackethall, south of central Stockholm.

Racketlon is a combination of sports, just like Triathlon, in which you run, swim and cycle. Instead, in Racketlon each player competes in Table Tennis (ping-pong), Badminton, Squash and Tennis. Each sport is played for 21 points, and the grand total of points from all the events decides the winner.

Stefan Heino was on location, solely responsible for the sound, together with Motions producing the womens’ and mens’ finals. This became an unexpectedly complex production sound wise, using 14 microphones and a total of 28 channels for the live broadcast. None the less, with good preparations and planning this became a legendary production as predicted by Motions, and everyone were beyond satisfied with the broadcast.