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Vineyard Norden Summercamp 2007

Upright Sounds has taken on a new assignment in live sound. This time it’s pretty big, Vineyard Norden‘s annual summercamp. People from all the Nordic/Scandinavian congregations are gathering there. This year it will be held in Rimforsa, Sweden, about 2 hours south of Stockholm 22-28’th of july.

Vineyard Norden Summercamp 2007Kari Heino will be head Audio Engineer, mixing all the sound and light, stage/monitor tech and contact person for the bands playing. This will include one big stage, complete with PA and lights, for about a ten-man-band and seats for 1000 people inside a big circustent. Two additional smaller stages will be there also and a nightcafé with PA, open mic anyone-can-perform kind of style.

All the equipment is provided by (in Kari’s opinion) Sweden’s best Live Sound company APM Pro Audio.

Good, early planning starting now and a lot of phonecalls will make this summercamp a very nice memory, just as the last two years 2005 and 2006.

Summer is just around the corner!

– Check out the photos from this event in Media.

The beat goes on

The first Saturday Night Live 24’th of february was a much appreciated evening, and therefore it will continue regularly every last saturday of a month.

The second Saturday Night Live last weekend, 31’st of march, was also amazing! Every time is different and there’s always something new happening there, so keep coming to this great event and bring your friends!

The schedule for this spring and more can be found at: www.myspace.com/uprightsounds

More good news for Upright Sounds is a new recording/production project. Kari Heino will be recording and producing together with Petter Sundqvist. Recording will start 21’st of april at Frekvens Studio 2 and Upright Sounds Studio, and production will continue until summer when it’s time for mixing the EP/album in Frekvens Studio 1. Five songs are ready to be recorded and more might come up on the way.

Check out Petter Sundqvist at: www.myspace.com/pettersundqvist

Live mixing and Music Production

Upright Sounds is taking a deeper dive into Live mixing and Music Production.

Previous singer/songwriter band Martin Sundberg has during last year acquired a drummer (John Sempill) and a bass player (Tommy Andersson).
Thereby the band has changed it’s name to Moore. The first recording since the demo last year, a brand new EP is coming out this spring, which has been recorded at the famous Decibel Studios.
Upright Sounds will be co-producing the EP together with the band members.

Kari Heino has been mixing Live concerts in Stockholm and other locations in Sweden for two years now with various analog and digital consoles.
This spring will be extra exciting for Upright Sounds, starting with a larger event/concert on saturday 24’th of February where Kari will be responsible for the stage, sound and lights.

Saturday Night Live

School of Audio Engineering

Today Kari Heino completed their college studies and acquired the “Audio Engineering Diploma” from the well know “School of Audio Engineering”, which has about 44 schools in 20 countries around the world. Kari graduated with exceptional grades and here is the diploma:

Audio Engineering Diploma
(click to enlarge)