Förkväll (TV4)

FörkvällToday Stefan Heino started to work on the biggest assignment in his Audio Engineering career so far. The last few weeks Stefan has been responsible for the planning, setting up and installation of the sound part of the Förkväll TV-studio, which is being built in the newly refurbished Sky Bar on the top floor of Radisson SAS Hotel, looking over central Stockholm with it’s tinted panorama windows.

Förkväll, a popular Swedish talkshow that previously aired 2006-2007 live from Stockholm’s central station, has been brought back to life by TV4 and Titan Television. Stefan will be working as Assisting Audio Engineer with Karl-Johan “Ludde” Lundin, who worked on the previous season of the show and has a long list of credits including shows like “Expedition Robinson” and “Paradise Hotel”. 158 episodes have been planned until the 10th of June 2010 and Förkväll might continue in the fall of 2010, but that is still uncertain. The program is airing every Monday-Friday 17:00-18:30 and every day has it’s own theme:

Monday: Fashion and total make-over
Tuesday: Interior design and economy
Wednesday: Fitness and health
Thursday: Live speed-dating or animals/pets
Friday: Celebrities and Sing Star competition

Visit http://www.tv4.se/forkvall/ for episodes and more info about the show.

Kristallen 2009 (SVT)

Kristallen 2009Kristallen 2009, the official Swedish television awards, took place in Annexet (the Ericsson Globe) in Stockholm the 28th of August.

During the event Stefan Heino worked as Audio Assistant together with well known Audio Engineer Erik Olhester, being in charge of the preparation, Pro Tools editing and playback of all the music elements for the gala including singback tracks for the performing artists.

Another successful event broadcasted live for SVT from Mediatec’s Surround Sound Truck 1.


Day of Hope (EP)

Day of Hope - DoH EPDay of Hope (formerly known as Outreach) have been recording and producing their coming EP at Upright Sounds with Stefan Heino since January.

Although everything started as a no-budget recording project with very low ambitions to quickly make an ok sounding pr-demo for festivals and gigs, things started bit by bit to sound pretty good. Instead of programmed drums, real drums were recorded in pretty bad conditions in a conference room in the basement of a church. And due to missing condenser mics at the church, an old pair of Shure SM58s in XY-formation had to do as overhead mics for the drums. The remaining tracks were recorded at Upright Sounds with SM57/58s. Check out the photos in the Media section.

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Klimataktion (Festival)

Klimafestival - Saturday night EARTH FeverKlimataktion – The national movement for the climate.

In the present crucial times we’re becoming more and more aware of the current environmental issues about global warming and it’s effects on our planet and our lives. Many are convinced that if we don’t act and change today, the outcome will be catastrophic. But it’s not too late yet if we start making changes today! To raise the awareness in Stockholm, Klimataktion.se in co-operation with Opera Reflex are arranging a festival, Saturday Night EARTH Fever, at 2 PM on February 28’th at Teater Replica with artists, bands, politicians and celebrities forming a good blend between culture and weighty information.

Upright Sounds / Stefan Heino will be responsible for engineering the three stages and mixing the sound on the main stage. Stefan will be assisted by three students from the School of Audio Engineering in Stockholm, where Stefan also studied for the Audio Engineering Diploma 2005-2006. If you’re concerned about our future and want to know more about how to be more effective in the ways you can help, please come to to this event and bring your friends!

Visit www.klimataktion.se for directions and program.

Check out the photos from this event in Media.

Källan (Feature Film)

Upright Sounds goes film sound!

Stefan Heino assisted as boom operator/sound recordist on set with the film team put together by Zingofilm & TV AB, a production company that focuses on swedish quality film and TV for the youth. The director and writer is Kurt Öberg – also running the movie script writing school “Manuspiloterna” in Stockholm. It was an intense week of filming working both in the wilderness outside Bollnäs and in central Stockholm.

Film team (Daniel Buckard & Jesper Shaftoe) working the steadycam, director Kurt Öberg and actors.
Stefan with the mic boom and Tascam DAT-recorder.