• Superstars 2020 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • Alla mot alla med Filip & Fredrik 2019 (Nexiko/Kanal 5)
  • Allsång med Little Jinder (Motions/YouTube 2019)
  • Fråga Lund 2019 (Nexiko/SVT)
  • Swim Open Stockholm 2016, 2018-2019 (Motions/Eurosport)
  • Superstars 2017-2020 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • Farmen VIP 2019 (Strix Television/TV4)
  • Drottning Silvia 75 år (Candamo Film/SVT)
  • National Hockey League 2013-2020 (MTG/Viasat)
  • Superstars 2017-2020 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • Heroes and Superstars (GamingZone Entertainment/Viaplay & Twitch)
  • GAMERZ™ Season 1 & 2 (GamingZone Entertainment/Twitch & YouTube)
  • Det Sitter i Väggarna (Titan Television/SVT)
  • Superstars 2017-2020 (ITV Studios/Kanal 5)
  • Premier League 2010, 2012-2020 (MTG/Viasat)
  • Musikkollot 2017 (SVT Minoritet/SVT)
  • Paradise Hotel 2015 (Mastiff/TV3)
  • FIA Formula One World Championship 2012-2018 (MTG/Viasat)
  • UEFA Champions League 2012-2019 (MTG/Viasat)
  • Robinson - Love Edition 2014 (Mastiff/Sjuan)
  • Roland Garros French Open 2016 (Motions/Eurosport)
  • National Football League 2012-2020 (MTG/Viasat)
  • Paradise Hotel 2015 (Mastiff/TV3)
  • Champions Hockey League 2015-2016 (Motions/Eurosport)

Invid Golgata Kors (Album)

Invid Golgata KorsIn October 2008 artist Johan Sundqvist started to record some of his songs at Upright Sounds with Stefan Heino. They started out with the intention to make an ok sounding demo, but now a little more than a year later, Johan’s well written songs ended up on an album where he performs both by himself and with Charlotte Nordin.

The album has received several good reviews and praise, and in one of the reviews, the song Johannes 3:16 (track 9), which was co-produced and arranged by Stefan, was pointed out as standing out from the crowd with “beautiful melodies and a tasteful production”. Johan sings and plays acoustic guitar and Stefan played the accordion, programmed the fundamental drum loops and composed the electric guitar melody/solo.

The album is now available for download an purchase on www.davidmedia.se and Charlotte Nordin - Invid Golgata Kors

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Carefree Big Band (Live DVD)

dscf3808Carefree Big Band played and recorded a Live DVD at their gig at Pampas Marina in Stockholm. Stefan was on location recording (live mixing) the band with 4 cameras straight to DVD with a 16-channel Yamaha DM-1000 mixer. The mix is done completely in headphones (BeyerDynamic DT 770), since the “control room” was situated upstairs from the party/gig in an office space with the sound multicore cable running out of the office windows downstairs. Everyone were surprised by the result that exceeded the band member’s expectations.

Photos from the event are available in the “Media” section.

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Mediatec Broadcast


Today Stefan Heino started his full-time employment as Audio Engineer at Mediatec Broadcast in Stockholm after a three month internship.

Mediatec Broadcast has broadcasted the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games among other major events around the world. For the Olympic Games, Mediatec’s unique HD 1 Outside Broadcast Trailer (picture), had to be transported to Beijing all the way from Sweden.

“Mediatec Broadcast, part of Mediatec Group, is one of Europe’s most experienced outside broadcast corporations. We have great experience of international events in sports and entertainment and how to handle live broadcasts all over the world.”


Kattis & Company (TV4+)

Kattis & CompanyKattis & Company is a Swedish talkshow from 2009 and 2010 hosted by Kattis Ahlström. The show first premiered the 3rd of March 2009 on TV4+, and starting from today Stefan Heino will be Audio Engineering some of the episodes. The show brings up discussions of any topic with celebrity guests dining together with Kattis in Restaurant Pontus in central Stockholm.

Read more at http://www.kattisoco.se/Program/ or watch the episodes on TV4 Play.

Förkväll (TV4)

FörkvällToday Stefan Heino started to work on the biggest assignment in his Audio Engineering career so far. The last few weeks Stefan has been responsible for the planning, setting up and installation of the sound part of the Förkväll TV-studio, which is being built in the newly refurbished Sky Bar on the top floor of Radisson SAS Hotel, looking over central Stockholm with it’s tinted panorama windows.

Förkväll, a popular Swedish talkshow that previously aired 2006-2007 live from Stockholm’s central station, has been brought back to life by TV4 and Titan Television. Stefan will be working as Assisting Audio Engineer with Karl-Johan “Ludde” Lundin, who worked on the previous season of the show and has a long list of credits including shows like “Expedition Robinson” and “Paradise Hotel”. 158 episodes have been planned until the 10th of June 2010 and Förkväll might continue in the fall of 2010, but that is still uncertain. The program is airing every Monday-Friday 17:00-18:30 and every day has it’s own theme:

Monday: Fashion and total make-over
Tuesday: Interior design and economy
Wednesday: Fitness and health
Thursday: Live speed-dating or animals/pets
Friday: Celebrities and Sing Star competition

Visit http://www.tv4.se/forkvall/ for episodes and more info about the show.